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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Easy ways to make money (part 1)

Not everyone has the skills and time to do proper online marketing for their bussiness. Recently I have posted an article on - 44 Different ways to make money on the internet , but most of those and - 5 New ways to make money online are only easy to make money if you have some marketing skills and other experience. For most of them anyway. Well, I have decided to post some easy ways to make money fast. While you will not get rich quick with these ways, you could turn a nice profit every month.

Sign up Cash Offers

There are companies that want more and more people to try their product or service from time to time. To attract people to try and test their products, these companies offer cash incentive to anyone who sign up their offer or try their product. And the good news is, it is not difficult to find these companies thanks to those free service websites that list paid offers.

One of the best free service websites now is Treasuretrooper.com. Treasuretrooper.com has few hundreds of cash offers in their database. The payout of these offers rank from $0.50 to $50 which means you can earn $0.50 to $50 for signing up or completing an offer in Treasuretrooper. All the offers are available only to residents in US, Canada and UK. If you aren't living in these three countries, you wouldn’t be able to sign up the offers and earn cash.However, there is a referral program that everyone can join in Treasuretrooper. This referral program can help you earn some extra money constantly. By referring new people to join Treasuretrooper and complete offer, you will earn a percentage of referral commission.The opportunities in Treasuretrooper wouldn't be able to replace your employment income but they can provide you an extra source of revenue like $20 to $50 per month if you keep on signing up offers and referring new members.It is a real program that truly pays. I have been a member of Treasuretrooper more than a year. I received their check from month to month.

Search Yahoo
I come across a quite popular site, Homepages-Friends.com which offers to pay people search on Yahoo. I did an investigation; this site has no relation to Yahoo actually. They are just inviting people to sign up and search Yahoo to get paid.It is completely free to join. All you to is search and search Yahoo. It has been discussed in a lot of forums. So far I find no proof of this program is a scam. A number of people are commenting positively about this program and some even posted screenshots to prove that they have been paid for searching.

So, it is worth a try if you are looking for an easy way to earn cash. But this isn't a program that can provide you full-time income. If earning a couple of extra bucks monthly sound good to you, the program is right for you.
(From money maker info)

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