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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

25 ways to drive more visitors to your Blog or website

The questions is why do you want to drive more visitors to your blog? The answer is pretty obvious to most people. If you have a monotized site with ads on, the more traffic you get, the more money you get. Pretty simple really. And if you don't make money of your site, you will still gain prestige and fame as your traffic gets more. These 25 ways are really good if you start out with a money making system like, The SpiderWeb Marketing System, where you could potentially make houndreds of dollars just by promoting your affiliate link or site very well. I just joined the The SpiderWeb Marketing System and I use all these methods to get my traffic up. It works pretty well.

1. Trends

One of the easiest ways to drive quick traffic to your blog is to write something which appears in the Google Hot Trends. Andrew Wise offers some insights about this technique, I tested it and worked very well and as anticipated.
The type of traffic is very short-lived, but the visitors can be converted to returning visitors.
The revenue impact is very low.

2. Text Search engines

People use search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Live to find information on the web. Every blogger should submit his blog to the major search engines to get the most precious type of visitors. The traffic will be long-lived and the revenue impact high enough to support the hosting costs.

3. Natural linking

Post a lot of quality content and people will link to you naturally. The traffic will increase exponentially as more bloggers and websites link to your pages. Since the links on the remote websites will remain in place, the traffic is long-lived. The referred visitors don’t seem to like to support your website, thus the revenue impact is low.

4. Social bookmarking

Submit your own posts and offer the opportunity to your visitors to submit your posts in social bookmarking service like Digg and del.isio.us. While the traffic will be short-lived compared to the traffic referred by search engines, the revenue impact can be quite pleasing if the website is optimized for AdSense.

5. Online feed aggregators

I know that many would rather consider Technorati a search engine than a feed aggregator, but I think it is, since it’s working based on submitted feeds. Anyway, be sure you submit your blog in feed aggregators like Technorati or BlogBurst. Blogburst will display your posts on websites like CNN or The Times if you’re lucky.
While the traffic is extremely short-lived, it’s good for building a community. The referred visitors don’t tend to click ads.

6. Directories

Google recently removed this suggestion from its guidelines but links back to your site is always good as your visibility is increased. Submit your site to as many free directories as you can but Never pay for submission. If your site doesn’t appear in a directory where you submitted your blog, don’t get annoyed and don’t try again, it’s normal.
Visitors and revenue impact will be similar to search engine referred visitors.

7. Ad Networks

Advertise your blog either contextually or by placement. You can always advertise your blog with Google AdWords and your contextual ad can appear in the search results or your banner even on YouTube.
The traffic will depend on you budget and how much do you wish to pay per click or per thousand impressions. The earnings from adverts on your own blog will be incredibly high as the users who clicked one ad, will click one more with pleasure.

8. Commenting and signatures

If you visit a fellow blogger’s blog, always leave a useful comment. Under ‘useful’ I mean something other than “Great blog” or “nice post”. Always specify your website URL in the comment form and if you can include in the comment a link back to your site, even better. But never spam others blogs.
Also, if you participate in discussions on forums, always include in you signature your blog’s URL. The same applies to e-mail signatures. We write dozens of e-mails daily, sometimes for people who we do not know. Why not let them know about your blog?
The traffic impact can be high, depending how many users visit the page where you left a comment or posted a reply. These visitors doesn’t help you at all earning a penny.

9. Give Away

Gifts are awesome things and everybody likes them. If you offer something for your visitors, an e-book, a mug, a T-shirt or even a pen, let’s say for every 100 visitor, the news will spread rapidly on the net and people will come to your blog to get a gift.
These visitors are likely to click ads, but the traffic will end just after you stop giving things away.

10. Social gadgets

Every humans have to be part of a community, period. Blogs are not the most community focused web sites, in order to change this, bloggers can install gadgets like the from MyBlogLog in order to form a community around the blog.
To understand how does this affect your traffic: John Doe tells about a brand new community he just signed up to to all of his friends. The next day, Jane Doe who is John’s friend will visit this community.
The traffic grows exponentially if you can maintain the interest of your community. The revenue impact is mid ranged from new members and after they familiarize with your site’s structure, the impact is almost null.

11. Trackback

When you write about a subject you know another blogger already wrote about or you even took his content as source, be good and link back to the original post. This will make the blog software’s engine to place a so called trackback URL on the blog post you linked to. People will click that URL and arrive on your website.
The traffic depends on how popular the source post is. The revenue impact varies between mid and high.

12. E-Books

Why wouldn’t you compose an e-book including your best 20 posts and which you can then merchandise either as a give away for those who sign up top your blog or by making as torrent publishing it on a public bitTorrent tracker, for example? Just be sure you include links in the text many times.
You will get direct visits which is usually has very good impact on your earnings. The traffic lifetime will vary widely. If people will like your book, they will share with their friends or seed the torrent more, thus the lifetime will be longer.
Worth a try.

13. Get social

Create as many free profiles on as many different social networks as you can. Start with MySpace, end with Twitter, but be sure to not miss any. In your profile add a link back to your blog and you’re set. If you want higher traffic, make friends.
The traffic can be incredibly high if you manage to build a great social network. The revenue impact will not be too impressive.

14. Guest Writing

Ask other bloggers to write on your blog and if you’re counter invited, accept it. You will be let to place a link back to your blog in the body of your post on the remote blog. While you lost one hour of your life writing the post, you earned a link. The more links, the more traffic.
The traffic will depend on how many links did you place on the remote blogs and how popular those posts got.
Revenue impact can be quite attractive.

15. Interact with users

If your user ask you something or just comments something, never forget to give a friendly answer. While this has no direct relation with your traffic, if you are friendly, your users will invite others to your blog and this can be very precious, both your earning and your traffic can be boosted easily.

16. Interviews

Write an interview with somebody who has greater reputation on the internet than you. Is that Queen Elisabeth or John Doe from the Elm Street’s 6th corner, it doesn’t matter. People like to read interviews. If you hit a good subject, people will flow to your blog.

17. Article directories

Write articles about something interesting and you have knowledge about, then submit it to article directories, for example EZArticles. You are allowed to place a link back to your blog. When people finished reading your article will search for something to click. Yeah, nowadays when people finish reading wants to click something. And that will be the link back to your blog you just placed in the article.
The traffic will be constant and depending on the quality and popularity of the article, can be extremely high. Revenue impact will be also high.

18. Mispell

Yeah. Misspell words, but be sure to not more than 2 per post. Incredibly high number of people misspell words when searching on Google, incredible but true. That’s why Google invented the “Did you mean…” thing. If you misspell the correct words, you will get some nice traffic.
Example: Instead of Obama you write Obaam

19. Reviews

Ask other bloggers to write a review about your site then offer the same for them. A well written review can have extreme impact on your traffic, if the review appeared on a high traffic site.

20. Offline media promotion

If you have a car, place a sticker on its back advertising your blog. Wear T-shirts which promotes your blog. You’ll be amazed how nicely these can increase your traffic.

21. Events

If you have a lot of local traffic, host an event where you promote your blog. If you see that another blog hosts such an event and you have the opportunity, grab your girlfriend and get to the event. Don’t forget to talk with many people, always mention your blog, give everyone a business-card and wear a T-shirt which promotes your blog.
The traffic will be incredible.

22. Image search engines

Many doesn’t know, but image search engines can send huge amount of traffic to your blog. To get the images in the search engines, you will have to use some attributes properly. For example every image should have alt and title attribute set. For example:


When the image search engines will find your image and someone will search for the term “some image”, your image will be amongst the results.
You will get same amount of traffic and the revenue impact will also be the same like in the search engine’s case.


If you buy a product, if you sign up for a service and you like, ask the merchant to let you write a testimonial on their website. Both of you win. Just be sure you include a link back to your blog too.

24. CraigsList

Sounds stupid, I know. Write an ad and somehow include a link to your blog. Just be sure the editors will not consider the link spam.
If the readers click the link, you won. The experience is that this can confer you nice amount of traffic and users who will click on ads.

25. Video marketing

If you have the talent create videos and upload them to YouTube. People adore watching videos, and if you place either in the description or in the video a link back to your site, you won.

If you are interested in making money with affiliate programs like Self Bank Mobile and Direct Matches, or a integrated affiliate money making program like the honored, SpiderWeb Marketing System, you could really use these traffic improving ways. Good luck!

(Thanks to content from 25 ways to get more visitors to your blog)

Do you have your own world-wide-web yet?

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I just started with SpiderWeb Marketing System

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

SpiderWeb Marketing System in a nutshell, for good or worse.

Here is a quick video tutorial of what The SpiderWeb Marketing System can do for you. You are still not convinced that you can make loads of money with this free, proven and tested system that is totally taking the internet by storm? You want to see the money before you take the time to click here ? Well, watch this video as we show you a short tutorial of the SpiderWeb System and how it could help you to become financially independent by working from home while you get a steady passive income.

You have seen the proof that The SpiderWeb Marketing System is not a scam and that it will make you money, the only thing that you have to do is to stop reading this post, Get your free SpiderWeb Marketing System, follow all the steps, register for all the integrated affiliates, start spreading the word, and you could be earn 100's of dollars by the same time next week!

Join now, and check it out!!
The SpiderWeb Marketing System

Do you have your own world-wide-web yet?

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I just started with SpiderWeb Marketing System

Monday, 2 March 2009

Finished with your SpiderWeb Marketing System setup, now what?

As I have said in my previous blog post, I just started with SpiderWeb Marketing System. I am still fairly new to all this, but one thing that I have seen is that this system definately looks like it is what it boasts to be and I can see the potential in it.

Right, about 24 hours ago I got the The SpiderWeb Marketing System 100% free of course. Didn't have a lot of time though, so I just signed in, rambled through most of the step by step videos, but didn't really follow all their steps. I put a link on my Facebook profile and went to sleep, hoping that I would get time do more today.

Well, I locked in to my SpiderWeb account, and what did I see? I already have 8 leads, contact details of them and everything. The system is so cool that it actually displays this all and tells you until what step the lead actually watched the videos. Most of my leads didn't watch past step 3 or 4 so they wouldn't have had the chance to register for any of the great income generating affiliates like, Direct Matches, Self Bank Mobile and probably the affiliate the will make you the most money, Commission Junction, and of course GDI (You will need this if you want your own cheap website to promote with).

I just worked through all the videos accept Commission Junction's tutorial, and I can honestly say it looks like all these affiliates could make you good money. And it really is SO easy. Just follow all the steps in the videos exactly and I am sure you will be able to make money.

A few things hints that I could give you at this stage:

1. First fill in your details to request your own SpiderWeb Marketing System free.(Click here ----> The SpiderWeb Marketing System

2. Watch ALL the videos, do ALL the steps as the tutorial tells you to. ESPECIALLY 4,6,7,8, 9, 10. If you really don't have time to watch all the videos now, just make sure that you registered for every step's program like, GDI, Selfbank, Direct Matches, Commission junction etc. If you don't you won't have any income streams. (If you get stuck, you can always watch the videos again later. BUT make sure you register for all the sites, so that your leads can come streaming in.

3. Now, you can start promoting your stuff. Immediately go to every registered affiliate and mail the link to all your friends, send a message with your http://thespiderwebsystem.com/bertus SpiderWeb Address link to all your friends in Facebook, Myspace etc. Then you can start with your website, banners, links, advertising like adwords etc, while the leads come pouring in.

4. Remember to follow up all leads and mail them again to persuade them to pull through with all the steps, so that they can start making money, and you too.

Well, I will keep you updated on my findings, I am off now to continue my marketing of this brilliantly unique Money Generating tool.

If you havn't done so already, check this system out now, watch the videos and you won't be sorry.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System

Do you have your own world-wide-web yet?

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I just started with SpiderWeb Marketing System

Sunday, 1 March 2009

PPC Virus Marketing System - Get infected now and gett 12+ income generating streams FREE

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I just check my stats everyday and bug you all with my questions and jokes :-) You can see that this is a no brainer and will be an automatic money machine set up for you and all you will have to do is login and see how many leads and recruits you have generated each day. Plus, then you can use the awesome back office and contact management system to email and follow up with your leads without any worries of spam complaints.

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I just started with The SpiderWeb Marketing System

There really are many ways to make money, but one of the easiest and most rewarding ways is to make money with affiliate marketing online. Everyone knows this, but yet not everyone is making a lot of money with this. There are so many products that you can help sell, there are so many sites that you can use for online affiliate marketing. Which Affiliate money making program to choose?

We already discussed some very effective ways to start your own affiliate marketing web page. One of the best that I could recommend is Site Build It. They really have the best overall package for your website creating and affiliate marketing needs. Really helpful and probably one of the best out there.

One of the biggest affiliate networks are probably Clickbank. They have thousands of products that you could advertise and will have customers from almost any imaginable niche. This could be for you, especially if you have a good niche web site that you want to promote affiliate stuff with.

All of these are just some ways to make single income streams and also some of them you would have to invest quite a lot of money in to get started, but there is one way that you can make money money than with any other system out there!
The SpiderWeb Marketing System!!

This system is so effective that you won't believe it. You can generate not just one, but 22+ income streams all that are almost infinate levels deep and wide. The best is, it is 100% free, no hidden costs or anything. It guides you video by video and step by step how to get assossiated with almost an infinate number of affiliates and it guides you choosing the best. What makes The Spiderweb System unique is that it tracks ALL your affiliates and leads on it's page, all together and helps you market it with automated ways so that you don't have to do ANY selling!

This sounds almost to good to be true. Is The SpiderWeb Marketing system a scam? Well, there are already thousands of people making money with it for years! The only people that are not making money with it, are the people to lazy to
Check out The SpiderWeb System and go through their easy to follow step by step video tutorials set it up to make money. If you are serious about starting your own business from home and to become independent, working from home and using the internet to make money for you, stop reading this post now and check it out now!

The SpiderWeb Marketing System

Do you have your own world-wide-web yet?

If you are still not bought on this idea, I will continue to do more research about this system and blog about it regularly so that you could find out if this is the best way to make money with affiliate work online or not. I myself have just started with it and have seen good leads streaming in by itself. I would continue blogging about my personal experience of it as well.

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